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          【致敬百廿华诞——兴大报告550】Translational Chemistry

          报告人: Phil S. Baran

                      Professor, Darlene Shiley Chair in Chemistry

                      Department of Chemistry

                      The Scripps Research Institute


          时 间:2018914(星期五)下午2:00

          地 点:化学楼A204/206


          主请人:余志祥  罗佗平



          There can be no more noble undertaking than the invention of medicines. Chemists that make up the engine of drug discovery are facing incredible pressure to do more with less in a highly restrictive and regulated process that is destined for failure more than 95% of the time. How can academic chemists working on natural products help these heroes of drug discovery – those in the pharmaceutical industry? With selected examples from our lab and others, this talk will focus on that question highlighting interesting findings in fundamental chemistry and new approaches to scalable chemical synthesis.



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